Work in Progress

Age: 28
Height: 5"6'
Bust: 44 41 (-3)
Waist: 40 34 (-6)
Hips: 45 40 (-5)
Thighs: 23 21 (-2)

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Exercise days tickers

1st Round:
2/21: 198.4
2/28: 189.6 (-8.8)
3/7: 184.4 (-5.2)
3/14: 181.6 (-2.8)
3/21: 186.0 (+4.4) refeed
3/28: 178.2 (-7.8)
4/4: 173.2 (-5.0)
4/11: 168.2 (-5.0)
4/23: 164.8 (-3.4)
5/13: 165.8 (-1.0)
2nd Round
5/17:168.6 (-2.8)
5/24: 168.2 (-0.4)
5/31:163.6 (-4.6)
6/7:161.0 (-2.6)
6/14: 156.6 (-4.4)
6/21: 155.2 (-1.4)

Calories 0g

Carbs 0g

Protein 0g

Fiber 0g

Fat 0g

I need to start losing weight again. After the HCG diet I am supposed to be maintaining 161. Right now I’m steadily between 171-173. That’s nearly 15 pounds I’ve gained. I don’t know what to do. I have like a million jobs there isn’t enough time or energy during the day to do everything AND workout. Sure I could be eating better but these days I’m no longer responsible for myself. I’m literally raising a family and feeding one too since parents checked out of their roles and now I’ve assumed mother, head of house and stay at home wife position as well as rehab director, chauffeur, small business owner AND grad student!!!

The plan is to get back to 161 the old fashion way in about a month the. Go on the HCG diet one last time to lost 30 more pounds the right way so I can keep it all off this time.

I just don’t know how to do it. How do I get there? What do I do? What recipes or diet track do I take? (ie: low fat, low carb, calorie counting, etc) it’s really bogging me down. As it is I walk around my every day life constantly aware of my body and how fat it is again. I hate that feeling. Help!

A little messy right now, but yup! That just happened. My first try at my new Salon express Kit. $10 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Loooove!

Today is a new day of a new year. This year things will be different. I will be different. This year is about me and only me. I will have the things I want and the things I deserve. this year I will be happy, fit, respected, thinner, healthy, loved, smart and above all, different.

Shirt and Michaels gift card from work secret Santa

$10 cash from work friend

$10 Starbucks card ad Starbucks coffee kit from white elephant game at Christmas party

The end.

Uptown Girls
Sleepless in Seattle
Forest Gump
When Harry Met Sally
Something to Talk About
More to come…it’s only 7:00

Grande iced caramel non-fat macchiato minus the caramel

Starbuck Spinach wrap

Half a dinner salad with ranch

2 pan dulce breads (mexican sweet bread)

Not much of a Christmas this year.

1 whooper
3/4 fries
Large iced coffee
Vendor machine trail mix
Hot Cheetos
Bottle of water

We found Holly roaming the streets 10 years ago. Sometimes I wonder where she’d be now if we didn’t find her. Mostly I wonder where I’d be if she didn’t find me.

Yesterday had pastrami and fried
Today had Chinese food
Tomorrow back to better eating


Oh dear Lord, give me the strength and determination to lose the weight I just gained at dinner.

The lowest I’ve ever been was 153….I am currently at 164…I’m supposed to be maintaining 160-161. I need to get a hold of things. I know my life has virtually been falling apart lately, but I think I’m starting to gain control of the reins, pull myself up from my boot straps and getting back on the road to some normalcy - I need to do that with my weight too. Yes its about 4 pounds….which is a lot, but its not so much where its nearly hopeless. It has to stop here, it has to stop now. I want to join the gym, but money is another issue I’m struggling with at the moment as well. I need the strength and determination to start utilizing the use of the park, the local High School track, pull that $200 bike I bought out of the den and start  moving!!!!!!

Lately I have become the new leader of the house hold AND the stay at home mom/wife. Tonight, its healthy food (especially since I had a McDonald’s Big Breakfast this morning) Chicken breasts covered in almond flour - Either baked or fried in coconut oil, some salad and maybe some black beans? I need to get back to being weight/food conscious.

Today was supposed to be a new day, but all I can find in the kitchen are carbs. Mini blueberry bagel for breakfast, and for lunch a baked potato, carrots, celery and pot roast from last night, WITH a wheat flour tortilla. Next, decaf coffee with Cinnabon creamer. For dinner, dinner franks hotdogs.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Kudos to you of you got my song referenced title.

So ya, I want to train for a marathon. Not so much for the marathon itself but mostly just to make myself a runner. The addition of the marathon gives me more of a reason to do it.

I just want to be able to run more than 10 steps and not feel like my heart is about to burst.

So do any of my fit friends out there having and suggestions on how to go from a short winded, running hater to a fit, run long distance without stopping kinda person?